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Sean Faris Trains For Never Back Down

Sean Faris is a fighter. In the movie Never Back Down the handsome, athletic actor plays Jake Tyler, a rebellious teen who, at his new high school, is lured into an underground fight club, where he finds a mentor in a mixed martial arts veteran. Two videos with Sean Faris training for the movie:

Training for the movie: Takedowns

Training for the movie: Strength

Photos from Never Back Down:

Enjoy two more videos from Never Back Down:

Training montage:

The trailer:

Photo Credit: © 2007 Summit Entertainment N.V.


Donnie said...

The guys in this film look really hot, but I think I'll wait to watch it until it comes out on DVD.

greg12344 said...

i think this is one of the best fighting movies i have ever seen.This new actor Sean Faris was probably the only person that could have pulled off this act, he did an outstanding job, he should definetly make more movies stick to action and maybe drift into comedy. Every time i watch this movie it motivates me to want to go to a gym or join jui jitzu or something, good job Sean no one could have done it better. Never Back Down was Awesome!

Anonymous said...

COMPLETELY agree with greg. Great job, alot of motivation...keep to action movies, hope to c u more soon!

Anonymous said...

This is my inspiration! Cool post, however I won't watch the short fragments. Every time I watch the movie i automatically get so much energy and start working out like an animal :p Don't want to ruin the best part of the movie by watching the fragments :)