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Greg Plitt: Power Abs

When Greg Plitt takes off his t-shirt, it's time for heavy weights, hard training, and growing muscles. In this video the fitness expert and top model promotes his advanced abdominal training. This 35 minute advanced abs workout is to take your core to the next level.

This workout is just one of 22 workouts available on his website http://www.gregplitt.com/ where Greg takes you through each exercise and explains how to do it.


Jeffrey Beck's Record

He is a bodybuilder with so many qualities. Ripped, smart, ironic - and creative: Jeffrey Beck has re-launched his website www.jbeckfitness.com, and he did the design work himself. The result is impressive: gallery, workout video downloads, blog, training information, store, opportunity to contact Jeffrey, and much more.

And then the fitness trainer and model shows that he is a truly strong man. In a video Jeffrey attempts to improve on his previous dips max, and wants to break his record of 52 dips:

Check out Jeffrey Beck's new website: www.jbeckfitness.com.


Scott Herman: Bick Broad Back

"Build that V-Cut!" fitness trainer Scott Herman demonstrates in the video how to get a bick broad back with these exercises:

1. Pull-Up (1:17)
2. Chin-Up (2:20)
3. Straight-Bar Bent-Over Row (3:05)
4. Bent-Over Dumbbell Row (3:55)
5 Weighted Back Extensions (5:07)


AAG Fitness Heroes

It's heroe time on AllAmericanGuys. The top models Tory, Joey, James, Ben and Jeff do not only pose for amazing photos like the one above. They also work out, play football, show their strength in many new videos and shootings on AllAmericanGuys. Even more AAG top models are showing off in this breathtaking promo video:

You find all these top models and their high quality photos and videos on AllAmericanGuys.


Fede Gonzalez: From Size To Definition

Strong and aspiring: Fede Gonzalez is a 20-year-old natural bodybuilder from Buenos Aires, Argentina. In his Modelmayhem.com profile he writes: "I dedicate my whole time to improve my physique. I want to get bigger and take part in international bodybuilding competitions. And I would like to work as a fitness model."

This video shows his progress and transformation in 2010, his success at the I.F.B.B. South American Contest, where he placed second in the junior division, and his posing routine.


Zac Compton: Intensive Dips

He knows how to get big triceps and massive arms. In this video 20-year-old bodybuilder Zac Compton takes 190 pounds plus his bodyweight for some repetitions on dips.


Rob Riches Trains Biceps & Triceps

"Arms popping out of my shirt sleeves: Biceps and triceps are the first muscle group I wanted to develop", Rob Riches tells. The bodybuilder and fitness trainer shares his profound knowledge, gives many tips, and shows how to do the exercises correctly in these two videos.

Video 1: Biceps

Video 2: Triceps


Tyler Sarry: Intensive Chest Training

A very special chest exercise: One armed off-weighted bench press with legs elevated. Top fitness model Tyler Sarry explains: "This exercise involves a lot of Core strength! Always start with feet planted and no weight if it is your first time. As you get better you can progress to weighted and try one foot up and eventually two." The video:


Greg Plitt: A Big Man, A Big Site

A top athlete, a top model, a top actor: Bodybuilder Greg Plitt has appeared on over 100 fitness magazine covers in the last four years and is undisputedly one of America's top male fitness models. He has done many commercials and television shows, and hit the big screen in ‘The Good Shepard’ with Robert DeNiro, ‘Terminator Salvation,’ ‘The Watchmen'. Before his modeling and acting career, Greg Plitt was a U.S. Army Ranger, a graduate of West Point Military Academy, former Army Captain and company commander of 184 soldiers, a two-time All American wrestler and a PRO rated skydiver with over 1500 jumps to date.

His website GregPlitt.com includes free images, videos and answers to the most fequent questions he gets asked. In the members section Greg offers:
Instructional workout videos (23 videos): Greg takes you through his own personal workout routines, explaining exactly how to do each exercise, how many sets and reps, and shares his work out secrets.
Access exclusive images: Over 200 never before seen pictures of Greg separated into candid and professional galleries
Video blog (30 in depth video answers): Greg answers members questions on fitness, diet, cardio and more in-depth video posts that go into detail about every topic members ask about. Learn how Greg prepares for a photo shoot, his training splits, how to get in shape for summer, and much more.
The members section is updated weekly.

Greg Plitt's website: GregPlitt.com
Greg Plitt on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Official-Greg-Plitt-Fan-Page/351504459854


Rob Riches Trains Shoulders

Strong shoulders need more than just one exercise. In this video bodybuilder and fitness model Rob Riches trains all relevant muscle groups and explains how to do them correctly.