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Tuan Tran: Cable Curls For Big Biceps

In this video bodybuilder and power lifter Truan Tran trains at the cable curl machine. Tuan explains: "Here you will see me do a superset to work on my biceps. Cable E-Z Bar Curls superset with Cable High Curls. This is a great combination to not only get a good amount of weight on those arms, but also work on peaking out those biceps."


Tomas Horak: The Total Package

After a posing video the young Czech bodybuilder Tomas Horak shows how he builds his impressive physique: two biceps videos, two triceps videos and one abs video.


Biceps 1:

Biceps 2:

Triceps 1:

Triceps 2:



Scott Herman: My Chest Training

Fitness model Scott Herman explains and performs in this video his comprehensive and intensive chest workout with various exercises - until full exhaustion.


Scott Herman: Hammer Curls

In this video fitness model Scott Herman explains and performs hammer curls with dumbbells which are an essential exercise for bigger biceps:


Vance Varian Trains His Guns: Feelin' The Burn

Bodybuilder Vance Varian trains his biceps with barbell and cable curls and finally poses his peaked biceps. The video is part of the bodybuilding DVD "Guns: Feelin' the Burn" available starting in the spring of 2010 at MostMuscular.Com.


Scott Herman: The Secret To Great Abs

Fitness model Scott Herman runs his own website www.schotthermanfitness.com where he shares his approach to workout and fitness. The first video is the teaser for Scott's workout routines:

In the second video Scott Herman reveals his secret to great abs, and the man definitely has fantastic abs as the photo shows: