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Abel Albonetti: The Next Fitness Star

Photos: Facebook, BodySpace Abel Albonetti

As if Zac Efron had become a bodybuilder: Abel Albonetti is a 22-year-old aspiring fitness model, who has built an impressive physique with massive, well-defined muscles. The young, ripped man is a certified personal trainer, has done photo shoots with several companies, such as Bodybuilding.com and Tommy Hilfiger, as well as several local fitness facilities, and has already participated and succeeded at model contests.

On BodySpace Abel tells: "I got started bodybuilding in 2007 because my dad randomly said when I was 15 years of age that I'm old enough to start working out so I started on just a little weight bench my dad had when he was a kid and then when I was 17 I finely joined a gym and thats when i hit it hard and really began to build! I stay motivated by just staying at it seeing myself get bigger and stronger and seeing other people start off good and just drop out and seeing them later and thinking that could have been me. And I have some good friends that are real built so we try and out do each other in size and weight."

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Anonymous said...

This deserves comment: Abel is phenomenal. He's Inspirational to say the least. His accomplishments at 22 are no less than astounding without being ridiculously over-muscled. He's more than muscular and less than bulky. He's really quite perfectly fit.

Anonymous said...

22años y 22cm. que buena combinación para pasar un fin de semana inolvidable.