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Jan Caha: Young Size

Jan Caha is a 21-year-old Czech bodybuilder. The student has been doing bodybuilding for six years. Here are three workout and posing videos:

Video 1: Dumbbell curls

Video 2: Barbell curls with a buddy

Video 3: Posing


Benjamin Roden: Great Abs & Biceps

In the first video teen bodybuilder Benjamin Roden does leg raises and ab poses:

In the second video Benjamin Roden does biceps curls and hits some poses after a competition in Tulsa, Oklahoma:

In the third video Ben Roden poses his chiseled abs and peaked biceps after competing in the 2009 Musclemania Universe bodybuilding competition held June 19 in Miami, Florida. Roden placed second in the junior lightweight class.


Leo Jauregui: Biceps Training

In the first video you see NPC amateur bodybuilder and former wrestler from Texas Leo Jauregui among others (the second one) posing and working out:

In the second video Leo Jauregui does slow machine curls to isolate the biceps:

In the third video Leo Jauregui trains biceps with high cable curls:


Tuan Tran: Double End Bag in Boxing

Bodybuilder and powerlifter Tuan Tran explains what he is doing in the video below on the double end bag in boxing to get his conditioning ready for his big bodybuilding show for 2010: "The double end bag is one of the more challenging boxing training techniques that you can work on. That's because the double end bag has a far greater range of motion and a greater scope of unpredictability than even the speed bag.

You get all of the coordination and speed benefits of the speed bag, while increasing the intensity and difficult level and adding in defensive training, footwork and technical form.

Stand in front of a double end bag and flick a couple of jabs to the center of the bag. Notice the rapid bouncing motion. Throw a few more with various levels of power, follow through and even come from different directions so you begin to understand how the double end bag works.

Once your comfortable and loosened up bit, begin working some combinations on the bag. Always keep your eye on the middle of the bag, not on the ropes, not straight ahead but dead center on the bag itself. This will help improve your accuracy. Circle the bag as if it were a sparring opponent, and keep your guard up high and your form tight.

If you step in closer than a full arms reach from the bag you'll also be able to practice your defensive speed and maneuvers. Throw a quick shot and duck under or move away from the returning bounce of the bag itself. Step back in and alternate throwing shots and avoiding the incoming rushes of the bag."


Jessie Godderz: 5 Training Videos

Jessie Godderz presents himself on his new website www.mrpec-tecular.com. Here are five new workout videos of the natural pro bodybuilder:

Video 1: 100 lbs. for 10 reps sitting alternate dumbbell bicep curls

Video 2: 225 lbs. press for 3 reps with a hold

Video 3: 460 lbs. for 7 reps

Video 4: 500 lbs. deadlift

Video 5: 505 lbs. deadlift for 4 reps


Craig: Inclined Dumbbell Press

In this video Craig from Allamericanguys works out at the inclined dumbbell press and explains that it is good for the shoulders and for the chest, and gives definition, size and symmetry.

You find many high quality photos and videos with Craig on Allamericanguys.