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New AAG Bodybuilder: David G.

David G. is Allamericanguys' newest model. David is a happy go lucky, motivated and easy going guy. He's originally from Cleveland, Ohio but now makes him home in eastern Texas. On most days you can catch David pumping iron in the gym and dedicating his life to being healthy and fit. He's a "health buff" as he likes to call himself, preferring organic foods over non-organics. He enjoys modeling and traveling, and recently appeared in a low-budget movie about bodybuilders. He's also been an underwear cover model for CityBoyz.

You find a big number of high quality photos and videos with David G. on Allamericanguys.


Jiri Borkovec: Training for Musclemania

Photo (c) CzechYoungMuscle.com

The video shows the Czech bodybuilder Jiri Borkovec training in the gym 7.5 weeks before Musclemania Universe 2009:


Steve S: Leg Training

Steve S. from Allamericanguys is admired most for his upper arms, especially for his biceps which is his favorite body part anyway. But Steve S. is a thorough, young bodybuilder who trains all muscle groups equally. In this video you see his workout for strong legs: several sets at the leg press and squats.

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Jason T: Muscular Firefighter

Allamericanguys' latest model: Jason T., 19 years old, height 5'10, weight: 170. Jason comes from the state of California, where he's a firefighter. He's one of those rare guys who enjoys life to its fullest and always wears a smile. When he's not fighting fires, he attends college and also models part time. His hobbies include martial arts, which he's really good at. He also loves to travel, play sports (an all-round jock), snowboard, and of course surf the Pacific ocean. Jason is pretty open minded and loves the attention he gets from being a model.

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Milan Hodek Trains Hard

On CzechYoungMuscle new impressive training videos and photo galleries of young bodybuilder Milan Hodek have been posted. Watch the promo video:

You find a big number of high quality photos and videos with Milan Hodek on CzechYoungMuscle.