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The Naturaletes: CrossFit Total Body Workout

After launching at Bodypower UK, The Naturaletes take on a challenging CrossFit session to show what they're made of. Redman, Hugo, Matt and Leon are four guys with a passion for fitness who formed The Naturaletes in April 2012. They've already made an impact at UK Bodypower expo (where Hugo won 'Physique of Bodypower and a sponsorship with Optimum Nutrition). So now it's time to show what they're really made out, with a demonstration of one of the most exciting and challenging forms of training to emerge in the last year. As the guys explain, Crossfit is a tough workout for the whole body, heard and lungs, with a variety of exercises which are designed constantly to challenge the body.

In this video the four Naturaletes introduce themselves, and demonstrate many of their extraordinary exercises:

The Naturaletes on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheNaturaletes

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Shin Ohtake said...

I am just 20 yrs old...is it gud for me 2 go to gym????what should i do??