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Tim Thomas & Jonathan Irizarry: Strong Shoulders

Bodybuilders Tim Thomas and Jonathan Irizarry train shoulders at Metroflex Gym in Arlington, Texas, only some weeks before Musclemania and other competitons.


Tyler Sarry: Winning Top Model

New on Allamericanguys: Tyler Sarry, who is 24 years old, height: 5'10, weight: 185. Tyler Sarry is an accomplished fitness/physique model from Ontario, Canada. He most recently won the 2009 Model Universe contest in Miami, Florida. Always striving to better himself, Tyler maintains a flawless physique year-round and is very nutrition-conscious. He considers himself an "Elite Personal Trainer/Nutritionist", specializing in "contest prep". So if you're a model/bodybuilder looking for great advice on achieving maximum results, Tyler is your man.

You find many high quality photos and videos with Tyler Sarry on Allamericanguys.


Shane Giese: Bigger, Harder, Stronger (2)

More impressions and pics from Shane Giese's new DVD "Bigger, Harder, Stronger", available at Repetrope. You find the description in the post below.

You find Shane Giese's DVD "Bigger, Harder, Stronger" here.


Shane Giese Back With: Bigger, Harder, Stronger

Repetrope presents a new DVD with the popular bodybuilder Shane Giese. On this DVD Shane Giese returns "Bigger, Harder, Stronger" to make his last attempt as a teen to win the Teen National Bodybuilding Championships. From Shane's own video journal you'll see him pound the weights in the weeks leading up to the contest, see him practice his posing and hear his contest prep regimen as his body slowly transforms into competition shape - the biggest, hardest and strongest he's ever been. You'll also see contest footage of Shane backstage at the Teen Nationals as he pumps up and then takes the stage as well as never-before-seen footage of Shane working out and posing in the gym the day after the Teen Nationals, shot exclusively by USAMuscle. Video footage leading up to the competition was shot by Shane. Footage at the contest and at the post-contest gym shoot were professionally shot by Repetrope/USAMsucle.

You find Shane Giese's DVD "Bigger, Harder, Stronger" here.