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Alon Gabbay: My Body Transformation

He calls himself "Sixpack", but the 23-year-old German top athlete Alon Gabbay has got far more than only amazing abs. His many fans admire his muscle gains, his definition, his proportions, and the passionate bodybuilder's knowledge. Alon documents his progress in this video: from 136 lbs to 187 lbs.

Body stats:
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 187 lbs, plan to bulk up to 200 lbs
Bodyfat: 10.0%
Arms: 17.3 inches

Lifting stats:
Bench press: 330 lbs, 1 rep
Squat: 350 lbs, 5 reps
Deadlift: 420 lbs, 3 reps

Screen captures from the flexing video below:

Flexing video:

Alon's off season flexing:

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