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Jon Doliana: New AAG Model

This athlete has every reason to smile. He is thoroughly fit, his physique is impressively sculpted, and in view of his built arms sleeves would only be in the way. Jon Doliana is a fitness model from the southeast part of the U.S. He's also a military guy, having done several tours of duty as a marine. Jon is relatively new to the world of fitness modeling and has also competed in a couple of physique shows. He's looking to expand his modeling portfolio and see where the industry takes him.

Stats: Height: 5'9, Weight: 175

You find many high quality photos and videos of Jon Doliana here on AllAmericanGuys.


Greg Plitt: Abdominal Assault Workout

His washboard abs are mind-blowing: stone-hard, sculpted to the max, simply perfect. When Greg Plitt teaches how to build them, the top cover model applies his unique mixture of knowledge, dedication and philosophy, and begins: "You must believe in yourself enough to be the person now that you want others to remember you for later." Get ready to go through the pain today for tomorrow's betterment, as Greg leads you through his Abdominal Assault Workout. Greg takes you through 20 ab exercises you have never seen before in this brutal assault on yours abs. This all-out ab battle plan combines body weight exercises, to build tone and get the cut factor, with weighted exercises, to get the deep valleys and depth between the abs. Greg assures: "If you are ready to be the person today that you'll wish you were tomorrow, my Abdominal Assault Workout is ready for you!" The thrilling preview video:

The full Abdominal Assault Workout is available at www.GregPlitt.com.

GregPlitt.com Members Testimonial Video 2012:

A year in review for those who joined the ranks in 2012, www.GregPlitt.com has fueled the fire of personal transformation for thousands of people, inspiring and motivating them to not only transform their body physically, but also unlocking their mental potential and self confidence to help them build a better life. This video shares just some of the impressive transformations people have made physically and mentally while fueled by the www.GregPlitt.com Members Section. GregPlitt.com exists to provide the truth and uses the gym environment as a metaphor for life, providing the education and motivation to help you take charge of your destiny and become your own master!

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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gregplittpage
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/gregplitt


Cory Mason: New AAG Model

The front double biceps pose is simply perfect for this 21-year-old bodybuilder and his imposingly massive arms. Cory Mason comes to AllAmericanGuys from the state of Ohio. He's a personal trainer, student and works as a supervisor in the retail business. He's a very clean cut kind of guy - no smoking, drinking or doing drugs - never has tried doing any of those in his life. On the other hand, he enjoys being fit and healthy and spending time in the gym. Cory was discovered by an AAG scout while competing at a bodybuilding show. He describes himself as a romantic, and loves going for long walks under the stars when he's in a relationship. He also enjoys "mud running". That's probably how he builds up his amazing lower physique.

Age at date of debut on AllAmericanGuys: 21 years
Height: 5'10, weight: 185
Hobbies: Working out, training people
Favorite food: Spaghetti
Favorite color: Blue
Most admired body part: Legs

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Jeffrey Beck: Fit For Halloween

Fortunately, fitness trainer and model Jeffrey Beck is in top form. Halloween is imminent, and that means that he is going to be in big trouble again. His fans have anticipated his annual and very popular Halloween video series. And this time it seems to be more exciting and surprising than ever. Here is part one of Jeffrey's "Heck of a Hallow-Scream Revelation".

Jeffrey Beck's website: www.jbeckfitness.com
Facebook: Jeffrey Beck Fitness
Download Jeffrey's personal training app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/body-shop-fitness-app/id417908618?mt=8#


Nick Cooper: Maximal Body Sculpting

Imposingly massive and well-defined: This is true not only for his upper arms but for all his muscle groups. Nick Cooper's physique proves that the popular fitness model is an expert on body sculpting. In a big number of new outstanding videos on AllAmericanGuys he demonstrates and explains his complete workout and most efficient exercises in detail. You find these videos and numerous high quality photos of Nick here on AllAmericanGuys.


Pavel Samek: High Intensity Training & Posing

His workout is at least as impressive as his sculpted physique. Pavel Samek, Czech Bodybuilding Champion 2012 and fitness model on CzechYoungMuscle demonstrates in this compilation video his big variety of exercises which he performs with much power, precision, and dedication to shape his body as effectively as posssible for the contest stage.

You find numerous high quality galleries and videos of Pavel Samek here on CzechYoungMuscle.

Jan Hutka: New Shootings

When he is lifting weights, each repetition seems to induce more muscle mass and more definition. Jan Hutka, the young natural bodybuilder and successful competitor, demonstrates his intense workout and flaunts his sculpted physique in numerous high quality videos and galleries here on CzechYoungMuscle.


Michal Kowalski: Giant Sets For Giant Arms

How to build admirably massive and well-defined arms: London-based personal trainer and bodybuilder Michal Kowalski demonstrates Giant Sets for working biceps and triceps. The technique involves lining up four or five exercises one after the other, with short rest periods. Along the way, Michal also offers some tips which can be used in general training as well.


Derron McLaury: New AAG Model

His imposing muscle mass and definition are even more striking than his tattoos. Derron McLaury comes to AllAmericanGuys from the state of Michigan. He's a former U.S Army guy and currently part time model and personal trainer.

Age at date of debut on AllAmericanGuys: 25 years
Height: 6'0, Weight: 198

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Doug Keene: New Shootings

When Doug Keene is lifting weights, he seems to be stronger than the iron. The 6'1 blonde, competitive bodybuilder works out in the gym using the last of his strength for maximal muscle growth. Additionally his training and nutrition lead to striking definition and a winning shape for the contest stage. Doug's workout is shown in a series of outstanding high quality photos here on AllAmericanGuys.

You find many more high quality photos and videos of Doug Keene here on AllAmericanGuys.


Greg Plitt: Curl Superiority Workout

"The more pain you endure today equates to more peace you'll have tomorrow." Greg Plitt's approach to fitness is not for sniveling guys, but all the more effective. The star bodybuilder and top cover model invites: "Prepare your biceps to be tested as they have not been tested before." Greg unleashes his Curl Superiority Workout showing you exercises you've never seen or done before. He explains: "This five round tri-set workout will attack both heads of the biceps from every angle, guaranteeing to ignite an intense burn that unlocks the growth in your potential. Your reward for making it through this punishing workout, head-turning biceps and the inner peace that comes with knowing that you met this challenge, built your confidence, and you're ready for the next obstacle life puts in your way." This thrilling preview video begins with a true highlight: Greg's breathtaking, almost exploding biceps.

The full Curl Superiority Workout is available at www.GregPlitt.com.
The GregPlitt.com Members Section contains over 200 hours of video, including 58 instructional workout videos, $9.95 a month for full access.

Greg Plitt at Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gregplittpage
Greg’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/gregplitt

GregPlitt.com Members Testimonial Video:


John Dougherty: Arm Sculpting

Huge arms, a double biceps pose, and a winning smile: Bodybuilder and men's physique competitor John Dougherty beams with joy when checking the effect of his intense arm training. His arms are massive, well-defined, and perfectly sculpted for the contest stage. In the first video John flexes his biceps a few days before he competed in the 2012 NPC Team Universe. In the second and in the third video he demonstrates how he works his arms performing a big variety of exercises.

Video: Biceps flexing

Video: Arm Training (11 days out of the 2012 NPC Jr. USA)

Video: Biceps training (5 weeks out of the 2012 NPC Jr. USA)


Tomas Duran: New Shootings

Enthusiasm, dedication, and sporting disposition: It's obviously the special mixture of Tomas Duran's qualities which enables him to build the sculpted physique he needs for the contest stage. The successful natural bodybuilder's intense training and posing is recorded for numerous high quality galleries and videos here on CzechYoungMuscle.


Tyler Sarry: Perfecting The Abs

Elaborate, intense, effective: The Double Side Oblique Crunch is "a great exercise to really work the oblique muscles", Tyler Sarry enthuses. In this video the fitness model and personal trainer demonstrates this special exercise and explains on what muscles you should focus on while performing it.


The Naturaletes: CrossFit Test

Photo: http://www.facebook.com/TheNaturaletes

The benefits of CrossFit as an alternative to traditional isolation exercises, tested by The Naturaletes, a squad of four UK-based fitness professionals: The guys - Hugo, Leon, Redman and Matt - say their training until now has been based largely on isolation exercises - lifting weights in the gym to build specific muscles. Here, they try CrossFit, at CrossFit Evolving Gym in North London, and explain the benefits.


Ryan Nelson: New Shootings

As if he said: "My pecs are big, but my other muscle groups will bowl you over." In fact there is no part of his body which is not trained, built and sculpted to the max. Ryan Nelson's physique is the convincing proof how effective workout, nutrition and lifestyle of natural bodybuilding can be. You find numerous high quality photos and videos of him here on AllAmericanGuys.


Jan Hutka: New Shootings

First he trains intensely in the gym and goes all-out, then he flaunts his sculpted physique in the park. Jan Hutka's photo shoots for CzechYoungMuscle show his many skills. The 21-year-old natural bodybuilder is not only a successful competitor but also a rising fitness model. You find many high quality galleries and videos of Jan Hutka here on CzechYoungMuscle.


Tyler Sarry: Ab Engaged Pull Throughs

Only one dumbbell is needed for this exercise to work the core in combination with the chest and the back. Fitness model and personal trainer Tyler Sarry performs and explains his special pull-over with the abs involved.