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Jon Doliana: New AAG Model

This athlete has every reason to smile. He is thoroughly fit, his physique is impressively sculpted, and in view of his built arms sleeves would only be in the way. Jon Doliana is a fitness model from the southeast part of the U.S. He's also a military guy, having done several tours of duty as a marine. Jon is relatively new to the world of fitness modeling and has also competed in a couple of physique shows. He's looking to expand his modeling portfolio and see where the industry takes him.

Stats: Height: 5'9, Weight: 175

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Greg Plitt: Abdominal Assault Workout

His washboard abs are mind-blowing: stone-hard, sculpted to the max, simply perfect. When Greg Plitt teaches how to build them, the top cover model applies his unique mixture of knowledge, dedication and philosophy, and begins: "You must believe in yourself enough to be the person now that you want others to remember you for later." Get ready to go through the pain today for tomorrow's betterment, as Greg leads you through his Abdominal Assault Workout. Greg takes you through 20 ab exercises you have never seen before in this brutal assault on yours abs. This all-out ab battle plan combines body weight exercises, to build tone and get the cut factor, with weighted exercises, to get the deep valleys and depth between the abs. Greg assures: "If you are ready to be the person today that you'll wish you were tomorrow, my Abdominal Assault Workout is ready for you!" The thrilling preview video:

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