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James Ellis & Tyler Sarry: Back Attack

Very fit and very funny. "Rip up your back! Be prepared to be shredded!" James Ellis and Tyler Sarry are announcing. The two top fitness models are kidding a lot in this video in which they demonstrate their back routine. The exercises are:
1) Lat Pulldown
2) Bent-Over Cable Pulls
3) Dumbbell Pull-Over
4) One (Stiff Leg) Deadlift with plates
5) Kneeling Over-Hand Pull-Through to Reverse Grip
6) Standing Rope Pull Squeeze


Scott Herman: The Super Beginner Workout

Get in shape without a gym. Fitness trainer and model Scott Herman shows a routine with eight exercises for beginners. The eight exercises are
1) Hang-Squat
2) Hang-Lunge
3) Elbow to Knee Crunch
4) Push-Up into Push-Up Stabilizer
5) Standing Leg-Raise
6) Standing Calf-Raise
7) Karate Man
8) Leg Stabilizer


James Ellis: My Favorite AB Routine

"If you want to learn some great exercises for your abs and obliques then you should take a look at this video", fitness model James Ellis recommends. "In this video I do four of my favorite ab/oblique exercises with no rest in between. Killer AB workout!"


New AAG Model: Rafael

AllAmericanGuys' latest model Rafael is a 26-year-old Brazilian-American now living in the states for several years. He's completing his studies and also models part time. He enjoys working out, computers, and a variety of contact sports, including mixed martial arts. He did commercial modeling when he was in his teens but has recently decided he wanted to get back into it - he's now focused on fitness modeling. Rafael works out several times a week to maintain his physique and is looking forward to seeing where his new modeling endevours will take him.

Height: 5'11, weight: 174
Hobbies: Jiu jitsu, beach volleyball, surfing, kick boxing
Most admired body part: Abdominals

You find many high quality photos and videos with Rafael on AllAmericanGuys.


James Ellis & Tyler Sarry: Shoulder Training

Massive shoulders and much fun. "Don't be scared!" James Ellis and Tyler Sarry are kidding in this video while demonstrating their most effective shoulder exercises.


Rob Riches & Tyler Sarry: Chest Training

Two top fitness models show how to get big chests. Rob Riches and Tyler Sarry train at the world famous Gold's gym in California and demonstrate their most effective exercises.


Scott Herman: Skull Crushers

Scull crushers are also called "nose breakers". You can avoid such injuries, if you listen to the intructions of fitness trainer and model Scott Herman in this video:


James Ellis & Tyler Sarry: Arm Training

"Got your tickets to the gun show?" is written on James's t-shirt. In this video the two top fitness models James Ellis and Tyler Sarry explain how to get big arms, and perform their most effective exercises for biceps and triceps.


James Ellis & Tyler Sarry: Chest Training

Two top fitness models are intensely training their chests. In this video James Ellis and Tyler Sarry thoroughly explain their exercise descriptions before, during and after each exercise. The six exercises are: barbell bench press, incline dumbbell press, decline (hammer strength) press, decline dumbbell flys, incline cable flys, and regular machine flys. James Ellis: "This is my favorite chest workout."


Rob Riches Trains Back, Biceps & Forearms

In this 10-minute-video fitness trainer and model Rob Riches presents a huge number of tips and techniques when training the back, biceps and forearms, that he found to be of use to him over the years.


Tuan Tran: Strong Quads & Thighs

Bodybuilder and raw powerlifter Tuan Tran is preparing and training for his next competiton. In these videos he is doing exercises for his quads and thighs, explains techniques, and gives many tips.

Introduction video

Workout video 1

Workout video 2: Leg press


Scott Herman: Smith Hack Squat

Fitness trainer and model Scott Herman shows in this video how to do a hack squat on the Smith machine:


Rob Riches: Strong Quads

This 10-minute-video is filled with tips and techniques for training quads. Fitness model Rob Riches performs and explains his most effective exercises.