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Scott Herman: Chest Muscle Gain

"The best chest workout you ever had", Scott Herman promises. In this video the fitness trainer and model demonstrates five exercises to put muscle mass on your chest. These five exercises are: Flat Bench Chest Press, Incline Chest Press, One-Arm Chest Press, Flat Bench Chest Fly, Over The Top.


New AAG Model: Anthony M.

Anthony M. comes to AllAmericanGuys from the state of Rhode Island. The 21-year-old college student majoring in kinesiology is a mixed martial arts enthusiast and part time model. Anthony enjoys working out and anything involving fitness. He's also big on wake boarding, snow boarding and surfing. He's a bit shy but given the right circumstances can really "come out of his shell", so to speak. His July 2010 debut photos are his first ever professional photos taken.

Anthony M.'s stats:
Height: 6'0, weight: 200, waist: 32, neck: 17, chest: 42

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Rob Riches Trains Hamstrings

His goals: To burn maximize fat with minimal muscle loss, and to to get shredded and hard for the stage. In this video bodybuilder and fitness model Rob Riches trains hamstrings. He explains: "Today's hamstring workout is a basic one at that with only 4 exercises, but each one was performed with all-out intensity and worked beyond my threshold, meaning my body has to adapt by recovering and growing bigger and stronger to be able to manage heavier weights for my next workout."


Tuan Tran: Huge Arms

Home workout for bigger biceps and triceps: In the first video bodybuilder and power lifter Tuan Tran is demonstrating one arm pull ups.

In the second video Tuan performs one arm push ups:


Tristen: Big Teen

19 years old and pretty buff: This is Tristen, teen bodybuilding champion and new model on Strengthnet.com. Watch his promo video:


Jessie Godderz: Buff Upper Body

Big arms, massive pecs, strong shoulders - Bodybuilder and wrestler Jessie Godderz has built up an impressive upper body many workout enthusiasts are dreaming of. In the first video Jessie demonstrates three of his most effective exercises.

In the second video Jessie does concentration curls to pump his arms:

For his fans: In the third video Jessie measures his upper arms. 19 inches, or even more?


The Big Tyler Garceau

Breathtaking: This is how Tyler Garceau looks in his bulking phase now: 250 lbs of muscle.

And this is how Tyler looked as a model of AllAmericanGuys some years ago:

Bulky or slim - Tyler is a cool, funny and charismatic guy whose transformation is impressive.

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New AAG Model: Victor

Victor comes to AllAmericanGuys from the state of Oklahoma. The 25-year-old fitness model was originally born in Russia, but moved to the States as a youngster. Victor is fluent in Russian and enjoys visiting whenever he gets a chance. Aside from modeling, school and working out, Victor is very much in boxing. He's an amateur boxer currently training and fighting in small matches around the US.

Victor's stats:
Height: 5'9 Weight: 176 Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel Waist: 30 Neck: 16 Chest: 41
Hobbies: Boxing, martial arts, anything sporty
Most admired body part: Abdominals

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Jiri Borkovec: Strong Shoulders

Four exercises for muscular shoulders: In the video the Czech bodybuilder Jiri Borkovec demonstrates his routine.


Chris Mahoney: Bicep Curls

How has he got those guns? In the video this young bodybuilder lifts heavy weight, and performs the exercise very accurately. Watch Chris Mahoney doing bicep curls:


James Ellis & Tyler Sarry: Leg Training

Heavy weights and much fun: The two fitness models James Ellis and Tyler Sarry demonstrate their best leg exercises and give advice how to perform them effectively.