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Tyler Southwick: I Always Wanted To Be Bigger

The 24-year-old bodybuilder has gained some more muscle mass and presents himself in top shape on his new photos.

On his homepage TylerSouthwick.com Tyler answers the most frequent questions:

How did you get into working out and getting big?
I started working out because I was a skinny little twig, weighing in at about 115, and I always wanted to be ripped and a whole lot bigger.

What is your favorite bodypart to train?
My favorite bodypart to train would have to be my back, because I LOVE pull ups.

What is your favorite exercise?
My favorite exercise is bench press and pull ups.

What are some of your interest and hobbies?
I enjoy basketball, snowboarding, video games/computer gaming (I’m a huge nerd), and anything competitive.

What are some of your goals, as far as bodybuilding goes?
I would like to compete one day and place top 3.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Tyler's really skinny these days.

Here's a couple of pics taken on New Year's Eve 2012