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Greg Plitt: Sledge Hammer Demolition Workout

Fitness and philosophy: Greg Plitt knows how to combine both conclusively and uniquely. The bodybuilder and top cover model introduces his Sledge Hammer Demolition Workout: "The most valuable asset in life is a depreciating asset of time. The fact you have the time to still create change is something you can never take for granted. As you look back on your life, wondering if you accomplished everything you could, will your answer be "Yes?". In his Sledge Hammer Demolition Workout, available in the www.GregPlitt.com Members Section, Greg ensures you never have to doubt your answer to that question, for you gave it your all and got everything that life offered. Greg: "If you want the most, be willing to supply your most, let the remaining balance lay where it will... your conscience will never lay with it." The thrilling preview video:

The full Sledge Hammer Demolition Workout is available at http://www.GregPlitt.com.
The GregPlitt.com Members Section contains 191 videos, including 55 instructional workout videos, $9.95 a month for full access.

Greg Plitt at Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gregplittpage
Members Testimonial Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjElmJxY3qE
Greg’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/gregplitt

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