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Tyler Sarry: Winning Top Model

New on Allamericanguys: Tyler Sarry, who is 24 years old, height: 5'10, weight: 185. Tyler Sarry is an accomplished fitness/physique model from Ontario, Canada. He most recently won the 2009 Model Universe contest in Miami, Florida. Always striving to better himself, Tyler maintains a flawless physique year-round and is very nutrition-conscious. He considers himself an "Elite Personal Trainer/Nutritionist", specializing in "contest prep". So if you're a model/bodybuilder looking for great advice on achieving maximum results, Tyler is your man.

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"HOT GUY" said...

congrats to TYLER....no one has worked harder to achieve his level of success: being an AAG guy; and winning the MODEL UNIVERSE Competition in Miami....BEST. WAYNE

Anonymous said...

This guy is only looks. He's got no brains what-so-ever, that's why this is all he can do!