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Tyler Sarry: The Fitness Entertainer

There is at least one reason why this man is special. Beside his brilliant look, his impressive physique, his profound fitness knowledge, Tyler Sarry has one more essential quality: The man is fun. A showman. He is humorous, ironic, smart, and expresses it in his workout videos, many of them posted here on WorkoutInspiration.net. This is how he distinguishes himself: His fresh, outgoing personality is highly motivating. Good to see that his future place may not be only the gym but also a film studio: Tyler is taking acting courses and workshops in Los Angeles and Toronto to improve his on-camera skills.

Nevertheless fitness is Tyler's big passion. He loves to be "always in tip-top shape", as he puts it. He is a personal trainer, body image and lifestyle consultant, but above all a top fitness model. Mr. Model Universe 2009 is only one of a long list of awards and trophies, and his photo shootings have appeared in many well known publications and big magazines. Here Tyler tells his impressive way to fitness:

"As a child, I was always very active and played almost every sport imaginable, through various leagues and school sports teams. Upon entering highschool, I decided to explore my passion for skateboarding and other extreme sports which were more independent, but sometimes criticized for not being “real” sports. One day, when I was still in highschool, I was messing around at the local YMCA with a few friends in the gym area, and demonstrating the improper form of how exercises could be done. A fairly large man named Fred approached my friends and myself, and asked us if we would like to set up an appointment to learn how to lift weights the proper way. We agreed, and the next week myself and one of my friends showed up for what would be the start of my fitness obsession. From that point on, I became fixated on fitness and the notion of turning my body into one of the images on the many posters of sculpted physiques that were plastered all over my wall. While most students played highschool football or college basketball, I idolized men with chiseled pecs and abs of steel, hoping one day to possess that picture perfect physique. I was literally in the gym every day trying to work my way toward that ideal body type that I admired so greatly. My dedication to weight lifting was so extreme that, between the ages of sixteen and seventeen, I converted my bedroom into a weight room, and I slept on the balcony each night, dreaming of my aspirations and goals for the future. All throughout college, you could either find me in the gym, outside for a run, or of course, in class, working hard at my studies.

I originally wanted to get into bodybuilding, but after realizing the downfalls, not to mention the “ups” and “downs” (and I am not only referring to weight!) of the sport, I decided to stick with what I love doing! Staying in “photo-shape” year round, competing, networking, traveling, and knowing that there is nothing else that I would rather be doing, are all that I need in order to be happy. When I am not traveling, pursuing acting, or in the gym myself, you can usually catch me training one of my clients and doing my best to spark the interest in someone else that Fred sparked in me so many years ago!"

Photos (c) Empyrean Photography

"Get a rip and get ripped" is the motivating line on his website Tyler-Sarry.com where he offers galleries, videos, a shop, and a contact page for personal training and nutrition plans. So train with Tyler! Double benefit: You'll get ripped, and you'll surely have fun.

Tyler's websites: www.TylerSarry.com and www.Tyler-Sarry.com
Tyler on Facebook: Tyler's Fitness
You can contact him for hire - Personal Training, Nutritional Counseling, Fitness Modeling or Body Image Consulting: Tyler@TylerSarry.com

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