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Alexander Ortiz: Massive Upper Body

This 18-year-old athlete is a true powerhouse. Alexander Ortiz, an avid natural bodybuilder, goes all-out when lifting, pumping, and flexing. See his comprehensive upper body training and his big variety of exercises in two videos:

Video 1:

Video 2:

In his Bodyspace profile Alexander Ortiz writes:

How I started: I started working out when I was 11 although I had already been wrestling for 5 years my dad had me doing push ups every time I died in the video game I was playing. I would do about 50 to 100 push ups a day and by the time I was in 8th grade I could do 100 push ups in a row.

Why I love it: I love it because I am 100 percent natural and with saying that I wanna make my family proud one day knowing I do not take drugs and would never disappoint them if they saw me in a magazine, they would rather be happy knowing I am drug free and that is the way I want to be forever because I am so thankful for my genetics.

How I stay motivated: I stay motivated by knowing I'll never hit a plateau, knowing how I use Muscle Confusion to my advantage to grow at a rapid pace I cannot wait for years to come and see my body transform.

BB accomplishments: Just influencing others to live a healthy and fun lifestyle, yes its possible =)

Goal (Long): * One goal of mine is too eventually become a big name in the natural bodybuilding world to let everyone know that without drugs you can still reach the impossible * Another goal of mine is to become a fitness model/ model and to show off the body i work really hard for, hopefully someday ill have that chance.


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Anonymous said...

Alex is a great looking guy with a phenomenal body. It's great that he is a natural bodybuilder.

Keep up the great work and good luck with your bodybuilder career. Just keep your body free of tats so all your hard work can be seen.