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Roger Snipes: Upper Body Sculpting

"That is one perfect body! He is a genetic masterpiece. No weak body parts", his many fans enthusiastically write. Roger Snipes, a rising star of the bodybuilding world, is 32 years old, comes from London, and says about himself: "I've been fitness training for a number of years which has taken alot of dedication and for me it has been an inspiration to others especially as a role model for youths. I take pride in my physical appearance and would like to use my assets as a fitness model, commercial model, editorial, or fashion to show the crafting of my physical condition to promote and brand products." In the past few months, Roger has become one of the UK's most coveted muscle models, with photographers queueing up to photograph his breathtaking physique.

In the first video Roger Snipes works out his abs, shoulders and back in the gym.

In the second video Roger trains his chest and biceps. A week after this video was shot, he took the heavyweight title at UK MuscleMania's Manchester heats, his first ever bodybuilding competition.

Roger Snipes' stats:
Height: 5' 11", Weight: 199 lbs, Neck: 17", Chest: 46", Waist: 32"

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