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Greg Plitt: 600 Workout

"If anyone knows how to break through training barriers, it's Plitt", a fan comments Greg Plitt's 600 Workout. It is the 28th instructional workout video available to GregPlitt.com members. In this 50 minute video, Greg takes you through a 600 rep, full body, one hour and 15 minute workout that is guaranteed to show you some unconventional exercises that you have never seen before. Greg announces: "Get ready to shock your muscles into new growth and bust through any plateaus". The preview video:

Greg's 600 Workout is the 95th video available to GregPlitt.com members.

Greg's web site: www.gregplitt.com
Greg's Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Official-Greg-Plitt-Fan-Page/351504459854

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Check out these links. Hot Greg Plitt pictures. He is one BIG sexy man~!