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New AAG Model: James

He is big, handsome, and now the new attraction on AllAmericanGuys. James is a former college football player, and currently bar tends and does modeling on the side. He is born and raised in Miami, Florida. James loves sports, the outdoors and partying it up in South Florida.

Main stats: Height: 6'2, weight: 205

You find a big number of high quality photos and videos with James here on AllAmericanGuys.


Anonymous said...

...miami fla.??
fact: this dude is from south america.

michael i.c. said...

fact: this dude is from South America

LESTER. said...

James is very much from Miami, FL.. it's believed he's Cuban American. So, South America? HA! They wish they had them good looking like James! pfft.

LESTER. said...

James is very much from Miami. It's believed he is Cuban American, and very proud. So, South American? They wish they had men like him down there! Pfft. He can pass for what could look like an Argentine, but he is not Argentine, hahaha - it's said he is Cuban American.