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Jed Hill: Fire Destroyed His House

Photos (c) Jon Malinowski

His gorgeous modeling photos delight his many fans. Top fitness model Jed Hill is well known for his brilliant look, his stunning physique. Now life dealt the 25-year-old athlete a fatal blow. Here Jed tells his story:

"On November 10th, I lost everything I owned (including my dog) in a house fire that was caused by an unknown heating problem. Before the fire, I moved to LA to pursue my modeling and acting career, not knowing anyone or having any family in LA, I was taking a leap of faith so that I can make my family proud. The night of the fire was one of the most devastating nights of my life thus far, it was the first chilly night so I turned on the heat went into the shower. When I came out of the bathroom, my bedroom was up in flames. Not knowing how to react I quickly began to try and put the fire out but it was too late. The heavy dark smoke was blinding and it made it hard to breathe. I was in such shock I couldn't react fast enough to grab my dog before he ran outside with no collar. The smoke finally got to me and I had to get out, watching everything I own and worked so hard for go up in flames in a matter of minutes. It is traumatizing. Having no home insurance I am at a loss for everything."

Now a site has been put up with a Paypal link: www.jedhill.com. If you want to help, you can donate via www.Paypal.com under the email jedediahhill@gmail.com.

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