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Tuan Tran: Arm & Shoulder Home Workout

A ripped body can be built without a gym. Powerlifter and bodybuilder Tuan Tran shows it, and demonstrates in this video his comprehensive routine for sculpted arms and shoulders at home: warm up, chin ups, band curls, band shoulder presses, band overhead extensions, one arm push ups, and finally cool down.


Terry said...

Holy ripped batman! Thanks for the great workout tutorial. I appreciate learning an new exercises that can help me stay fit and keep off the (bad) weight.

Mitchell - Home Fitness Manual said...


Even if somebody had just minimal equipment at their disposal, you can still get a great workout, and see great results, without needing to pay for a big-box gym. Resistance bands are growing in popularity, thanks for including them in this list, but body weight training is of the ages.