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Anthony G. Loves Showing Off

He's a little cocky, a little 'bad-ass' and he knows it. And guess what? He wants you to know it too. Anthony G., new on AllAmericanGuys, has every reason to be uber confident though. With looks that could kill and a body to die for, it's no wonder that there is such a buzz on the net about his appearance on AAG.

Anthony has worked really hard to attain the physique he has. He's a mix of 'sexy, very attractive and built like a brick house', and he's just barely twenty. Anthony is new to fitness modeling and has lots to offer, including a very spunky and confident attitude about life.

Anthony G. comes from the great state of Indiana. When he's not pumping iron in the gym or running around modeling on the hot sand beaches of Florida or Cali, he's with his buddies ice fishing in the cold 'tundra' up north (if it's winter time, that is). He enjoys video games, computers, being outdoors and showing off his excellent physique whenever possible.

In addition to shooting for AAG, Anthony also recently shot for a national fitness magazine and is one of the headliners for the new Junior Muscle Guys project on AAG.

You find many high quality photos and videos with Anthony G. on AllAmericanGuys.

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