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Tuan Tran: Strong Calves

In the video below bodybuilder and power lifter Tuan Tran performs calf raises on the leg press machine. Tuan explains: "There are many different ways that you can work your calf muscles, and if you have access to a leg press machine you can do calf raises on the machine. There are two main differences between calf raises on a leg press and calf raises on a standing calf machine. The first major difference is that when you are standing there is more challenge on your balance and core muscles. The second major difference is that the weight is loaded from the shoulders when you stand versus through your hips and lower back when using the leg press. Some people find calf raises on a leg press more comfortable on the shoulders than most standing calf machines, and some people find that they can lift more weight when they are using the leg press to do calf raises." Watch the video:

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