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Nick B. Loves Pumping Iron & Dancing

Nick B. from AllAmericanGuys considers himself a very outgoing guy and loves to be the center of attention. He's a college student with a high GPA, pursuing a bachelors and hopes to become a physical therapist some day or perhaps work with animals.

When not hitting the books hard, the 20-year-old hunk can be found partying (he loves to dance), hanging out at the beach or pumping iron in the gym. Nick works out 5 days a week and has been adding quite a bit of muscle as of lately. He claims to eat whatever he wants (including junk food), and it somehow doesn't affect his six pack and physique. Nick also doesn't consume alcohol, even when he's at wild crazy parties. It's just one of the things he is proud of.

Favorite sport: Football, track and field, volleyball
Most admired body part: Shoulders
Height: 5'9, weight: 160

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