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Jessie Godderz: Arm & Chest Workout DVD

Now you learn how Jessie has got his 20-inches-guns and massive pecs. In the new Arm & Chest Workout DVD, bodybuilder and wrestler Jessie Godderz, along with soap star Austin Peck ("One Life To Live", “Days Of Our Lives", “As The World Turns”) lead you through a fun, entertaining, motivating and easy to follow complete core training workout. During this two hour hard-hitting, muscle-pumping workout, Jessie will show you what he has accomplished by measuring his big arms while Austin helps make this DVD a simple but effective training tool. Even if you have never worked out before, following Jessie and Austin through this “user-friendly” DVD will put you through a lengthy “boot-camp” style routine that will test your endurance and make your entire body stronger.

The preview video:

Jessie Godderz explains: "After the extensive arm and chest workout Austin and I do a bodybuilding posedown to see if he has what it takes to make it onstage. Then, Austin puts me through an exhausting, lengthy bootcamp style workout that tests my endurance to the absolute limit (not to mention me losing a couple of pounds in sweat alone). I've never been that tired in my entire life after a workout. The Mr. Pec-Tacular Arm & Chest Workout DVD truly is an extraordinarily fun, incredibly motivational, phenomenally entertaining and easy-to-follow hard-hitting workout DVD that may help dramatically improve your lifestyle and overall health."

The Arm & Chest Workout DVD with Jessie Godderz and Austin Peck is available at http://www.mrpec-taculardvd.com. Cost: $19.95 + $1.77 tax + $3.95 shipping and handling, total amount $25.67.

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