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Greg Plitt: Bicep Blowout Workout

Your shirt sleeves will stretch more after this workout. So get ready to blast your biceps as Greg Plitt takes you through his Bicep Blowout Workout in this new 40 minute instructional workout video. This intense, superset workout builds the mass of the entire bicep, including the peaks. The preview video:

You Tube:


Greg's Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/gregplittpage

Greg's web site: www.GregPlitt.com
The GregPlitt.com Members Section contains 118 videos, including 33 workout videos, and is updated weekly ($9.95 per month for full access).


Michael Hines said...

Hi there!

Great blog! Have to say that watching that video of Greg Plitt was very good! It definitely has a different appproach to life than most people. That is probably why he is in such great shape!

Thanks for sharing this and I will definitely coming back for more.


how to lose weight fat said...

Wow!!! What a Shape.. I really like your post!